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Conservation South Luangwa

Photo: South Luangwa Conservation Society

Africa Hope Fund Supports Conservation South Luangwa. This is a community based organisation committed to the conservation and preservation of the local wildlife and natural resources of the National Park and surrounding game management.

The following are some of the projects we carry out:

- Anti poaching patrols and snare removal programs within the park and game management areas

- Upliftment of local communities by alternative income generating projects such as chili farming

- Education of local children to appreciate their heritage and work towards sustainable wildlife utilization and a balanced coexistence

- Sponsoring and co-ordinating village scout training programs

- Assisting the Community Resources Board with natural resources protection through the forest guards

- Promoting the South Luangwa Anti-Snaring Campaign in local villages and schools

- Management and sponsoring of Uyoba Community School

- Habitat and wildlife data collection through monitoring by village scouts


We provide funds to run the anti snaring operation, solar flashlights, binoculars, GPS units and other needed supplies. 

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