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Chipembele Project

In 2014, Africa Hope Fund was happy to announce the opening of the new Student Center across the road from Mfuwe Secondary School. It is open every afternoon from 1400 to 1700 when the children have finished school and have had their lunch. The computer lessons are on strict rotation but the other afternoons are open to first in the doors (total number allowed in at any one time is 20 including those undergoing computer lessons).

This center opens a whole new world for these students. AHF is now raising funds to help pay for Chipembele Wildlife Education Center's many programs.

Chipembele Education Center was built on land given to a couple from the UK by the local chief in order to teach children and adults about conservation and the history of their community and region. The center contains classrooms and a discovery area containing information about the plants, trees, animals and insects of the area. Chipembele offers classes to children on a regular basis through the schools in the Mfuwe are. We support Chipembele financially each year.

Chipembele Student Center Anna Tolan, director of Chipembele Wildlife Education Center, asked Africa Hope Fund for the funds to build a Student Education Center across the road from Mfuwe Secondary School (the equivalent of high school) in order to have a place for the Conservation club to meet after school and a place to allow students to learn to use computers and the internet. AHF funded this project in 2010 and it is being used by over 100 students on a weekly basis. Several clubs now meet here and classes are given on the use of computers daily. AHF has brought laptop computers over for the sponsored college students as well as the center.

Chipembele Internet Africa Hope Fund has funded the cost of installing a satellite dish for internet and donate the funds to operate it on an annual basis. This allows students to use the internet for learning and to communicate with their sponsors.