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Samson's Dream

You can help one of our most promising Zambian students realize his dream!


We met Samson when he was 13 years old in a remote rural village close to South Luangwa National Park where he lives with his parents who are subsistence farmers. 
Our generous Africa Hope Fund donors supported Samson so he could attend secondary school, grade 7 through grade 12, a cost unattainable to most children in his village.
Sponsors through Africa Hope Fund gave him his first digital camera! 
With this camera Samson learned to take videos and taught himself film editing. He is fascinated with wildlife photography and videography and was able to accompany the BBC film crew filming a wildlife documentary in Zambia.
Samson's aspiration is to become a wildlife film producer to expose the world to the wonders of his country and African conservation issues. 
Through SEA school in Capetown, South Africa Samson will receive a certificate that will allow him to obtain employment in the film industry with the aim of becoming specialized in wildlife film production.
 100% of your contribution will go to helping make Samson's long held dream of a career in the wildlife film industry become a reality.