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The Elephant Orphanage

Founded in 2008 the Elephant Orphanage Project ( EOP) has been built and developed by the project to include two main sites, the Nursery Facility in Lilayi and the Release Facility in Kafue NP.

It all started with an elephant called Phoenix who was rescued by DSWF in February 2001 when, just weeks old, she was found trying to suckle from her dead mother. Against all the odds, Phoenix pulled through and became the catalyst of this exciting new project. Shortly after her successful release in the Kafue , Phoenix contracted biliary, previously unrecorded in elephants, and tragically died.

The Release Facility was named Camp Phoenix in her honour and her memory lives on through the successful rescue, rehabilitation and release of new orphans which now begin their journey back to the wild at the recently completed Nursery Facility in Lilayi near Lusaka. 


For only $100, You Can Support the Elephant Orphanage by Adopting an Elephant through Africa Hope Fund: