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Snared Animal rescue

We support anti snaring and animal rescue operations in Zambia through Conservation South Luangwa.

Snaring is used by local villagers to capture antelope such as Kudu, Impala, Puku and the largest of which can be a cape buffalo. However, elephants, giraffes, and carnivores are often accidental victims. Wire from electric transmission line construction and cables from automobile winches are twisted into deadly snares which either kill an animal outright or trap it and leave it to suffer until it dies of thirst or its injuries.

Conservation South Luangwa is on constant patrol to find snares and snared animals. An elephant caught in a snare may survive despite horrifically deep injuries. Giraffes can also get trapped, usually just above their hoof on their delicate legs and have to be euthanized because they cannot recover from an injury which leaves them easy prey to predators.

Poaching for elephant is also a problem and on the rise in many parts of Africa because of the increase in ivory demand. SLCS works tirelessly to stop the senseless slaughter of animals that people come from around the world to see.