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Protect Wildlife

Photo: Protect Wildlife

 Africa Hope Fund supplies the annual cost of patrols of Conservation South Luangwa Scouts who work diligently to save animals from the threat of poaching. 

CSL is an non government agency that has grown from two scouts eight years ago to over 45 currently thanks to donations and support from Africa Hope Fund.

The scouts travel through-out the South Luangwa Game Reserve to collect snares set by poachers, find poachers and their camps and assist ZAWA in apprehending ivory dealers. They dart and remove snares from animals unfortunate to caught by them, and create programs to help villagers learn to deal with animal conflict in their villages such as elephants eating and destroying their crops.

Africa Hope Fund is currently raising funds to pay for the cost of fuel for the recently obtained airplane that can find poachers and poached animals from air. We have also purchased and brought Garmin GSP units for all of the scouts of CSL, as well as over 45 solar flashlights/torches. AHF continues to bring rechargeable batteries to Mfuwe to those with solar flashlights given by AHF over the last five years, as the batteries tend to  recharge for only one to two years before needing to be replaced.